APLUS Enerji Investment Consultancy Technology and Trade

APLUS Enerji Investment Consulting Technology & Trade Co. Ltd. is an independent consultancy and technology development company with a strong focus in the energy value chain. APLUS strives to bridge the gap between OT, IT and Quant domains by providing performant, transparent and user-friendly software tools and reports based on the state-of-the art mathematical approaches. The products offered by APLUS include short and long term load and price forecasting, integrated energy trade and risk management solution and plant dispatch optimization tools. In addition to providing consultancy for its tools and the business processes around these tools, APLUS also provides financial and technical feasibility studies for power plants, technical and market consultancy for Smart Grid projects and finally regulatory and strategic consultancy for international clients interested in the Turkish Energy market.

Energy Investment Consultancy

APLUS Enerji provides various services for local and international investors, who are active or willing to be active in electricity generation, distribution and trade, from technical & financial feasibility studies to market and regulation research.

Management Consultancy

APLUS Enerji, by connecting its knowledge and experience with developing AVIEW software solutions, provides services for companies for their decision making and management process. Energy trade and risk strategy developing and process and organization design are the most important ones among these services.

Technology Development

APLUS Enerji has started its technology development activities with AVIEW | HOURLY project which is an hourly electricity demand forecast model supported by Republic of Turkey Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization’s (KOSGEB) Technology R&D Support funds. After that APLUS started developing other AVIEW and RIX l ETRM software solutions by considering the needs of Turkish Energy Market.

Smart Cities Consultancy

APLUS Enerji, by connecting its knowledge on technological systems as smart energy, transportation, water management, buildings and their integrations, provides ‘’ Smart Cities Consultancy Services’’.

Bizden Haberler & Duyurular

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